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One of our Founders.  Sweet yet devious, Madam Tessa is a sensual Domme who revels in mental manipulation & torture.  She is welcoming and warm, making you feel comfortable and at ease before suddenly turning into a cruel siren who has lured you to your demise. 


Madam Tessa is an experienced professional dominatrix who can cater to a wide range of fetishes. Her exhibitionist nature lends itself well to cuckolding, tease & denial,  voyeurism, body worship and other forms of public play.  She also enjoys humiliation, chastity, hypnosis, impact play, force bi and sissy training including makeup lessons. 

Madam Tessa

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One of our Founders. 

A Goddess Domme to worship on your knees.  She will inspire longing and fear into the depths of your soul.  Be warned, this witch's spell will leave you addicted for life.

Mz Medusa enjoys boot worship, leather worship, human furniture, flogging, sensory deprivation, spell casting and tarot reading.

Mz Medusa

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Mistress Chrissy is a force to be reckoned with. Captivating & frightening with an intensity that resonates so strongly that it fills every space she enters. She expects your complete obedience as you suffer through your ordeal to prove your worthiness to serve.

As Queen of a local dungeon, your time spent with Mistress Chrissy will not be a session, it will be an "Experience". With over 10 years of practicing BDSM, you will be in very skilled and capable hands as you receive your punishments. From flogging, to whips, cbt, and more. Your experience will be customized to fulfill your deepest darkest fantasies.

Mistress Chrissy

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A beautiful powerful individual who can accomplish just about anything in life. She is a professional dancer, performer/entertainer, contortionist and aerialist. She is also a local BDSM mentor, educator,  yogi & healer.  With her extraordinary skills in aerials as a self-suspender & the ability to flow in the air. She offers private shows.

Her main interest is rope with decorative shibari, partial suspensions and full dynamic suspensions. She offers impact while being bound by rope as well as sensory deprivation with or without impact.  She will also be offering up her amazing fire cupping skills.

Ballerina Goddess

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Mistress Lynne is a dominant Goddess who enjoys nothing more than having a submissive man on his knees at her feet, wearing nothing but lace panties and a collar,  eyes downcast, ready to obey. She loves the thrill of having a good riding crop or whip in her hand and a bare, unmarked ass bent over in front of her.

She will be offering collar & leash play, foot/body worship, impact play, cock sucking practice on a dildo, nipple play and wax play.

Mistress Lynne

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Her demure, quiet outward appearance will lure you in with a sweet smile.  It will be far too late once you realize that a sadistic demon lays within.  And she will smile as she destroys you.

She enjoys boot worship, humiliation, impact play, face slapping, CBT with toys, and hypnosis.  Any act that allows her to inflict physical or emotional pain make her demon heart sing.  You can't touch her, but she will scar you to the core.


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Miss Quinn is a bratty little princess who loves to blur the line between tease and torture.  It is nearly impossible to say no to her. Even when she demands more than you thought you could give.


Her specialties include humiliation, cuckolding, cbt, ruining orgasms, spanking, being the subject of your devoted worship, and alpha couple play. "She barks, he bites: you howl". Don't let her pigtails fool you, this bubbly brat is always in the power position.

Quinn Lacey

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Lady Bim is a regal Domme that demands respect from all who enter her presence. Much like the forest Fae of old, she is mischievous and playful with her subjects, but she also has a wicked streak if provoked.  Once enchanted, you are hers forever.

Lady Bim relishes sensory and impact play, royal worship, bondage, chastity and service submission including human furniture.  She also adores submissive pets, so knights and pups to the front of the line!

Lady Bim

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Miss BEG is a beautiful, demanding, compassionate, sadistic & mischievous Top. She derives pleasure in watching her sub's expressions change during a scene. The more reaction her sub shows, the more intense she becomes. She relishes in teasing or denying a sub pleasure, as it turns her on.

Miss BEG's goal is to make sure her sub is enjoying the scene, experiencing new things, & wants more. She gets ecstatic watching a sub become turned on while helpless. At this party, Miss BEG will be offering wax play, sounding (must bring your own sounds), impact, collar/leash, foot worship (massage, licking, kissing) chastity, denial, electric play and forced bisexuality.

Brown Eyed Girl

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