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Domina Ballerina Goddess



The Domina Ballerina Goddess: One of America’s finest and most renowned Aerial/Circus performers known for her interpretive dance, aerials and rope self suspensions. A ProDomme, A Shamanatrix and A Vamptress, she specializes in sensual & sensory play, energy work, pet handling, rope suspensions and nonverbal communication. As a spiritual, sensual Dominatrix with a name that is very well-known and respected in the community with the utmost highest honor, Her sensual touch shall make you wish the time with Her never ends. Her Deafness being HER Strength;  allow Her to control you with nothing but emotion, energy and breath.


Is She the right Domina Goddess for you?



  • ASL (American Sign Language) Teacher Play

    • Teacher/ASL Student

  • Ballet/Ballerina Play

    • Teacher/Ballet Student

  • Bondage

    • Shibari

    • Partial Rope Suspensions

    • Full Rope Suspensions

    • Semenawa (Torture Rope)

    • Predicament

    • Saran Wrap

  • Candles/Wax Play

  • Fire Cupping

  • Knife Play

  • Non-Verbal Communication

  • Pet Play

    • Puppy Training

    • Pony Training

  • Sensory Deprivation


  • CFNM

  • Financial Domination

  • Con Trips (pay for admission and hotel)

  • Asphyxiation Play

  • Corporal Punishment, Impact and OTK

  • Medical Play (some)

  • Worship

    • Foot Worship (Play/Pedicure/Sniffing/Massage)

    • Leg Worship

    • Boot Worship

    • Ass Worship

  • Humiliation

    • Verbal Degradation

    • SPH

  • Fantasy Play

    • Cross-dressing

    • Sissy dress up

    • Make up

    • Little

    • Cosplay

    • Furry

    • Mommy

  • Shaving/Manscaping

  • Panty Sniffing

  • Human Furniture

  • Tickling

  • Service Submission/slaves

  • Housecleaning

  • Assisting Ballerina Goddess with events

A RARITY Skill of what I also offer: Voyeurism by  watching a private performance of me. Private viewings are offered Digital ONLY until further notice. Self-suspension rope performances, dance performances and combined. These private shows have time options in 15 min increments of up to an hour. DO NOT ASK FOR ANY KIND OF STRIPPING OR NUDITY RELATED ACTIVITIES.


Couples are welcomed! Any other requests can be upon negotiation.

Hard Limits/Taboo List

There is a broad spectrum of BDSM and Female Domination activities that I, Ballerina Goddess, immensely enjoy and will happily and expertly administer. However, there are also a few activities in which I am not interested and that are forbidden in My dungeon. If you request a session involving anything  that does not adhere to the parameters listed below, I will not respond to you.

  • Do not fall in love with Me

  • Sessions with anyone under the age of 18.

  • Direct touching AND sexual contact with Me is forbidden (and read that again).

  • While I sometimes find it necessary to place a submissive in a diaper, I do not change soiled diapers (this means urine AND scat).

  • I will discuss cuckolding in general; however, you will never be My cuckold.

  • I will not conduct sessions that involve Me screaming, excessive profanity, or severe verbal abuse.

  • I am not interested in scenes based around disability-, racist-, gender-, religious-, or ethnic-oriented abuse or humiliation.

  • I will not conduct sessions that involve any kind of wrestling, fighting or “fantasy holds." 


    • Conduct scenes partially or fully nude.

    • Provide brown (scat)  or roman (vomit) showers.

    • Provide “Happy Endings” or “Releases.”

    • Fart/Burp

    • Perform pegging

    • Perform phone sex.

    • Perform face slapping.

    • Engage in "real life blackmail" scenarios.

    • Needle play

    • Bestiality

    • Pedo play

    • Permanent markings

    • Scat play

    • Catheter use

    • Gun play

    • Infantilism

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