Fantasy Fulfillment Fundraiser

For one night only, the amazing ladies of RocDommes will be offering to make your dreams come true. Tell us your deepest desires. Perhaps we can bring them to life.  A number of our Domme members have put together bios listing their interests and skills. Approved submissive attendees will be given the opportunity to request a specific Domme if there are shared interests or tell us about your fantasy and we will pair you with a Domme who is suited to your needs. If you have a fantasy that involves less private interactions such as cuckolding, maid service, being a piece of human furniture or anything else your devious little mind can conjure, just let our leaders know and we will strive to make them a reality. This will be a penetration positive party, so fantasies such as pegging will be allowed If your chosen Domme is in agreement.  All scenes will negotiated between Domme and sub beforehand.

This event is not only for the benefit of our approved submissives. It is also a fundraiser for our group.  The entry fee will be $75 for this event. In the coming year we would like to host more events, arrange more group outings & grow our collection of toys & furniture available for general use during our parties to enhance everyone's enjoyment.

To see the bios of our Dommes and to submit your fantasy requests, follow the link below. All attendees must be approved by MadamTessaV or MzMedusaX. If you are not a member of RocDommes or are from outside of the Rochester area you will need to be vetted before being allowed to purchase a ticket to the event. If you cannot make it to Rochester in advance of the event to attend a vetting social you will need to provide references from other kink organizations. No last minute vettings will be granted, so be sure to check out all local vetting events, or schedule a private vetting no less than 7 days prior to the event.

All attendees must RSVP. All attendees must pay the $75 entry fee no less than two days before the event.


All fantasy requests must be sent no less than a week before the event. Please keep in mind that requests placed too near the day of the event may not be able to be accommodated.

Ticket sales have ended

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