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Daddy Doyenne



From the age of 17, I was drawn into a world of kink and hedonism. My second ever sexual experience was curated by my boss and his two girlfriends. I was an apprentice in a tattoo shop, just beginning my journey to figure out my ultimate purpose in life. My boss was a dominant, and I was trained as a submissive, but quickly found that that was not my place. My relationship with this poly unit taught me how to embrace my dominant self, as well as what to absolutely not do as a responsible dominant. Over the years I have explored my dominant nature and pushed the boundaries of my hedonism while pursuing and developing other talents and career paths.


In between culinary school, a career in the culinary industry, developing my artistic talent and creating Macx Macabre Arts, becoming an adult film entertainer, and being actively discouraged from a career in domination, having and raising a child, and caring for my grandmother until her passing, I made many attempts at making my domination a career, but life happens and that path fell by the wayside. After my grandmother’s passing, I decided it was time I dedicate myself to doing what I want to do. To making a career out of everything that makes me happy, and makes me who I am.


I am Daddy Doyenne. I am a pirate, witch, Caribbean womxn with the fire of Antigua in my veins; an artist, a Chef, a mother, and a queer sexual deity. As a dominant, I am sensual and sadistic, nurturing and strict. I am empathic in my ability to attune to my submissives, and my subs revel in my authority and natural power. My presence is like being at the foot of an ancient and imposing, regal force, seething with feminine and masculine energy intertwined. I will be your every thought, and every reason to exist.


I am open to exploring most things, but when I outline a boundary, I expect strict adherence to the rules.

1. I do not play with anyone under 21.

2. Do not fall in love with me.

3. No direct contact unless EXPRESSLY consented to.

4. I will not change soiled diapers.

5. I am not a Mommy Domme, do not ask me to be.

6. I will not be sexual in any way with a sub in little space.

7. I will not play without a safe word.

8. I will only participate in raceplay based on reparations and BNWO roleplay.

9. My honorifics are Daddy, Mistrexx, Goddexx, Sir, or Master, ONLY.

10. I do not tolerate racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, disability or religious bigotry of any kind.

11. I will not tolerate being preached to, or Christian proselytism in any form.

12. There will be NO sexual contact with me during session.



1. Scat

2.Roman showers

3.Fart/burp fetish

4. Blackmail

5.Hard drug or alcohol intox

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